Burning without burning out

As a Manager, your personal balance between body, mind and soul is your „equity“. For companies, it is a clear competitive advantage to keep their best employees. Make sure you have tanked up the necessary „fuel“ to fly long distances and master any turbulences.


  • Me and my needs and values
  • Me and my environment
  • Stress management
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Personal action plan

  • More clarity about recurring behavior patterns and personal stressors
  • Practical impulses to be implemented straight away
  • Practical relaxation and nutrition advice for every day
  • Individual action plan, catalysts

  • Transactional analysis, Test your own drivers
  • Systemic questioning methods
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Relaxation techniques, Yoga
  • Individual action plan
Duration (for example):

  • Module 1: approx. 3 sessions
  • Module 2: approx. 3 sessions
  • Module 3: approx. 2-3 sessions
  • Module 4: approx. 2-3 sessions
  • Module 5: approx. 1 session
  • Alternative: compact 2-day workshop