New start after a burnout

You have just overcome a burnout. Thanks to expert advice, you have learned more about you. You know what you should now be careful about… at least in theory. Where shall you start? How can you implement? How do you recharge your batteries? How do you follow specifically your objective? As Sparrings-Partner we support you in your new start – in a pragmatical, clear and cordial way.



  • Map of influence
  • Personal strategies for your way back (job, private life)
  • Dealing with personal stressors
  • Preparation of the interview with your employer (HR, manager)
  • nutrition/relaxation

  • New orientation on the basis of the new insights
  • Development of new “habits“
  • Structure in everyday life
  • Strength, clarity and energy
  • Neutral contact, flexible on request

  • Transactional analysis, Test your own drivers
  • Systemic questioning methods
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Relaxation techniques, Yoga
  • Individual action plan
Duration (for example):

  • Module 1: from experience

    approx. 1 session

  • Module 2: from experience

    approx. 3 sessions

  • Module 3: from experience

    approx. 2-3 sessions

  • Module 4: from experience

    approx. 1-2 sessions

  • Module 5: from experience

    approx. 1-2 sessions