Coaching Seminars and Workshops

We believe that Coaching Workshops are key to successful transformation in contrary to standard trainings and role plays. This also corresponds to our philosophy: you remain the pilot so that you can deal with similar changes and challenges in the future on your own. We are your co-pilot!


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Customers´ feedback:

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Source: customer feedback of the past events.

And here is what our customers say about our past events …

„Very clear messages, well structured, everything is understandable“

„Individual comments were taken into account in a very good way and reformulated at the end so that each single participant had a lot of personal added-value to take with“

„I very much liked the open atmosphere and the possibility to ask questions“

„Very good prepared. Compact“

„I liked very much your workshop and your very personal way of explaining things“

„It was really very interesting and instructive. Very clearly structured and, at the same time, very customized. I have already implemented the first impulses!“

„Thank you very much for the very good event. I could take a lot of valuable ideas for myself and my professional situation“

„Thanks to the workshop I realized that I had not really reflected on my existing situation yet, but instead I tried to implement a quick change at any price. Thanks to the new stimuli and the exercises, I realized that I had to think one more time about my current situation. The PILOT Method took my fear away and encouraged me to take one step back before I go on with the next one, which is possible thanks to the flexibility of the PILOT Method. Thank you very much!“